A Capitol idea: Fairfax County consultants help prevent air traffic from colliding with construction

Capitol Airspace has examined projects around small, general aviation airports and large ones like LAX and LaGuardia. And it’s done work everywhere from Canada to Tel Aviv to Mumbai. It’s not just skyscrapers that bring the business. Bridges, solar towers, transmission lines and wind turbines are other examples. Structures as short as 20 or 30 […]

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FAA Updates Marking and Lighting Advisory Circular

The agency has updated its guidelines for the proper way to light and mark obstructions affecting navigable airspace. Advisory Circular 70/7460-1L for Obstruction Lighting and Marking is effective immediately. It cancels Advisory Circular 70/7460-1K, dated February 1, 2007. The main changes to the updated advisory circular are as follows: Federal law requires that the FAA […]

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The FAA is Considering Raising its Hated Downtown Miami Height Restrictions

Reaction on pressure from developers wanting to build taller in Downtown Miami and Brickell, the Federal Aviation Administration is looking into raising the max heights of buildings in and around Miami’s urban core—a height limit it imposes to keep the flight paths in and out of Miami International Airport free of obstacles—by 39 feet at […]

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