We are capable of handling all aspects of the FAA Obstruction Evaluation aeronautical study process.

We keep our clients informed throughout the FAA filing and aeronautical study process, and promptly notify them of any status changes or potential problems as soon as they are known.

Since we are already familiar with the projects that we file on our client’s behalf, we are ready to immediately address any potential problems that arise. This results in achieving FAA determinations for our clients as quickly as possible as well as overcoming agency objections and avoiding negative determinations.

You Can Expect that We Will:

  • Coordinate with you to obtain all information necessary for complete and correct filings
  • Electronically submit filings on FAA Form 7460-1
  • Track, monitor, and address any issues that arise related to the aeronautical study
  • Provide documentation and briefings to the FAA to support favorable determinations
  • Work with the FAA and you to develop strategies to resolve identified airspace impacts
  • Coordinate any aeronautical filings required by state or local governments