Feasibility Studies & Flight Procedure Design

We work with public-use and private-use airports to determine flight procedure feasibility and provide necessary design documentation to the FAA.

Our first step in establishing a new instrument approach procedure is to conduct a feasibility study. These studies examine the airport infrastructure and obstacle environment and allow our experts to identify potential problems that would result in excessively high minimums or other procedural restrictions.

This information allows proponents to begin addressing the identified issues early in the procedure design process and avoid unnecessarily high minimums or costly delays once the FAA is involved.

Assuming an approach is viable, our feasibility studies provide proponents with an optimal procedure layout and anticipated approach minimums based on current FAA procedure design criteria. Proponents can then use this information to determine whether to make airport infrastructure improvements.

RNAV (GPS) Procedure Design

Built to avoid restricted airspace and maintain low minima

FAA 8260 IFP Forms

Our forms match FAA's standard instrument flight procedures (IFP) documentation