Analytical, Strategic, Advocacy Services

Capitol Airspace is an aviation consulting firm that provides analytical, strategic, and advocacy services to airports, commercial developers, and communities around the world. Capitol Airspace specializes in Airspace, Air Traffic Control Operations, FAA Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS) design, ICAO Procedures for Air Navigation Services (PANS-OPS), Obstacle Evaluation (OE) and Flight Procedures Development.

It's Our Passion - Airspace, Aviation


Mitigated Projects

We represent our client’s interests at all levels of federal, state, and local governments.


Filings with FAA

On behalf of our clients, we manage the FAA filing and aeronautical study process.


Years Working With FAA

Developing strong working relationships with key decision makers within FAA, Department of Defense, and airport authorities.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on our ability to assist airports and developers in striking a balance between the need for economic development and the preservation of the National Airspace System. Our experts identify, study, and resolve airspace impacts and airport encroachment.



Meet the Team

Our consultants, managers, and technical team have experience with military, government, and commercial aviation.